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Here is a helpful information for sealing your own driveway or parking lot.

How much sealer do I need?

  1. Calculate square feet.
  2. 1 gallon of sealer covers 45sq ft with 2 coats
    1 gallon of sealer covers 60sq ft with 1 coat
  3. Calculate how many gallons your drive way will require
    (1 Coat – Total Square Feet/60 or 2 Coats – Total Square Feet/45)

How should I buy my sealer?

  1. 5gal Bucket –   $19.95
  2. 55gal Barrel – $40 for Barrel and $2.90 per gal for Asphalt Sealer
  3. 275gal Plastic Tote – costs $70 but are limited in availability
    $2.70 per gal for Asphalt Sealer
    (Must provide truck/trailer and straps/chains)
  4. 300gal Rental Tank –  3 day Rental, $100/day after first 3 days
    $3.05 per gal for Asphalt Sealer
    Gravity flow, hand crank agitator, and 2 squeegees and hose included
    (Must provide own truck/trailer and straps/chains)
  5. You may provide your own container if it exceeds 30 Gallons in size and, if it is a barrel, it must have an open top (able to remove the entire lid).

Should I add sand to the sealer?

Adding sand to the sealer provides several benefits

  1.  Provides traction and skid resistance on sloped surfaces
  2.  Helps fill voids and minor cracking
  3.   Adds durability to the coating, increasing the life of the coating by 50 – 100%

Add 2 pounds of sand per gallon of sealer and mix thoroughly
Black Beauty Sand – $11.90 for an 80lb bag
Silica Sand  – $9.65 for a 75lb bag

What should I do for my cracks?

  1.   Measure/Estimate how many linear feet of cracks are present.  Cracks need to be 3/8 of an inch or larger in width to be effectively filled. 
  2.   Choose between Cold Pour (thick liquid crack filler) or Hot Pour (must be melted)
  • Cold Pour
    • 1 gal fills 65 feet of cracks (1/2″ deep x 1/2″ wide)
    • 1 gal jug – $7.95
    • 5 gal bucket – $34.75
    • estimated life of product – 1 year
  • Hot Pour
    • 33lbs (1 box)  fills 200 feet of cracks (1/2″ deep x 1/2″ wide)
    • 1 box – $35.30
    • 30 gal Melter Rental – $80.00 per day
    • must provide propane
    • estimate life of product – 3 to 4 years

What do I use for a pothole?

  • A pothole needs to be a defined hole, with distinct vertical sides, not a depression
  •  Cold Patch – 50lb bag fills 2 sq ft at 2 inches deep – $12.95/bag

What do I use for broken-up or crushed areas of asphalt? (alligator cracking)

  • These areas truly need to be cut out and replaced
  • They can be repaired with a liquid patching compound if the area is level
  • Sure-Flex Patch – 5gal Bucket $42.00

What do I apply the sealer with?

  • 30″ Squeegee – $43.95
  • 30″ Brush –  $31.90

How do I apply the sealer?

  1. Clean area: clean out cracks, remove dirt and other debris, and then blow or power wash the surface.
  2. Fill cracks and allow chosen product time to dry/cool.  Also repair any potholes or alligator patches.
  3. Prepare sealer with sand and pour a line across the full width of the drive way.  Be cautious  when pouring the sealer, pour low to the ground to avoid splashing sealer on buildings, concrete, or rock work.  Use a squeegee or brush to work back and forth across the drive way.  Start at the house or garage and work down the drive way, if possible work downhill.   

Contact us with any questions.


– Prices as of 6-1-18 and are subject to change – The stated practices and conditions regarding temperature requirements for the proper installation of all coal tar and asphalt emulsion based sealers is 50° F and rising air and surface temperature.  In addition, 50° F is required for 24 hours following the application.

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