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Crafco Super Shot Melter/Applicator

Crafco Super Shot Melter/Applicators

The Crafco Super Shot series melter/applicators represent the most technologically advanced melter/applicators available. These state-of-the-art machines offer the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. The digital control features of this equipment accurately control and regulate the heating temperature of the sealant and transfer oil. The patented internal pumping system requires no clean out and features a hydraulic flow rate adjustment. The internal pump only operates when the operator activates the micro-switch on the applicator wand. With “On Demand” pumping there are no valves, fewer moving parts and no hose pressure build up. Super Shot melters will out-perform any comparable sized machine available. Crafco offers a one-year warranty, more options and greater safety, making these machines the greatest value with the highest productivity of any melter.

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Carbon Steel Wire Street Push Broom

Carbon Steel Wire Brush

Round Carbon Steel Wire. Staple set in smooth sanded hardwood block with two tapered handle holes. Wide flare on ends allows close sweeping next to curbs.

Recommended Use: For thorough sweeping of asphalt and concrete before applying black-top sealant and for sweeping loose pea gravel and dirt from roofs before retarring.

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High-Density Neoprene Squeegees

High Density Squeegees

High-Density Neoprene Squeegees – 3ft. Wide. Our squeegees share the same strength and design of our levelutes. Don’t waste time and money spreading slurry with brooms that don’t last. Our high-density neoprene 50 durometer blades allow for liquids and semi-liquids to be spread more evenly, allowing for thinner coats and saving on money and time. Speaking of saving time, we manufacture squeegees up to 6 feet wide, making jobs finish fast. We’ve been in busi­ness for over 50 years, and we have yet to see a squeegee on the market comparable to ours.

Prostran Brushes

Prostran Brush

Refill 3′ Prostran Brush Refill Each
Pro – Refill 18″ Prostran Brush Refill Each
Pro – C 3′ Prostran Brush Complete Set
Pro – C 18″ Prostran Brush Complete Set

Crafco EZ Pour 50 Melter

Crafco EZ Pour 50 Melter

One-hour heat-up time, handles field mix or packaged material and heats and applies all hot pour sealant.

The E-Z Pour 50 melter features a galvanized corrosion resistant jacket that is painted with a two part Dupont™ epoxy paint. Under the jacket is a high efficiency ceramic insulation, which surrounds the melter chamber. The frame is a one-piece precision constructed frame designed for balance and easy towing. The E-Z Pour 50 also features a low profile and adjustable hitch.

Crafco 30 Gallon Melter

Crafco Patcher

Crafco Patcher

The diesel Crafco Patcher is a double boiler that is digitally controlled to assure that material temperatures are held within specification ranges at all times. A swivel material delivery chute makes placing material fast and easy. To clean out, load the machine with dry aggregate – run agitator and empty – it’s that easy. All machines are equipped with a safety shutoff on the lid to prevent injury during operation. Available in a one ton (Patcher I) and two ton (Patcher II) configuration. These machine are specifically designed to heat and apply TechCrete and PolyPatch patching material.

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Crafco Super Sealcoater

Crafco Super Sealcoating

Designed for the contractor, the Crafco Super SEALCOATER’s standard features are considered options on all other competitive seal coat machines. Quality parts and superior construction make the Super SEALCOATER the machine of choice for everyday rigorous use. Features such as the unbreakable steel tank to the oversize hydraulic system set this unit apart from all the others. Built with Crafco quality and engineered to last, choose the Super SEALCOATER for your next seal coat machine.

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Crafco Model 30 Router

Crafco Model 30 Router

The Crafco Pavement Router has been the industry best for thirty years. There is no other pavement router that can match the quality, innovation and value of the Crafco Model 30.

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