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We carry over 300 products and many are not listed on our website, so if you can’t find a particular product, please call or email us!

Star One Step All Purpose Primer/Sealer

STAR® ONE-STEP™  is now STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT.  STAR Genesis has all the same properties as One-Step but with a new name.

STAR® ONE-STEP™ is a water based coating that acts both as a primer and sealer for problematic areas on asphalt pavements. STAR® ONE-STEP™ will eliminate the need for excessive surface preparation that could damage the asphalt substrate. STAR® ONE-STEP™ is a superior product that can be used for coating concrete areas such as; Drive through lanes, gas stations, or any other area where concrete and asphalt are used together, and a uniform appearance is desired. STAR® ONE-STEP™ will not only protect the asphalt surface it will beautify any pavement that has been discolored due to petro-chemical contamination staining the surface. STAR® ONESTEP™ is a pavement maintenance product that will act as an important part of your regular pavement maintenance schedule providing two distinct benefits – protecton of the asphalt surface and prohibition of the staining and damaging of contaminated asphalt surfaces.

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Star SOS Oil Spot Primer

STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ is a latex based coating/primer that adheres to, and seals, oil and grease spots on all types of asphalt pavements. The polymeric matrix and surfactants in STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ create a tough film that bonds aggressively to the contaminated area. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will allow both Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar sealers to bond properly these freshly primed areas. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will eliminate the need for excessive surface preparation that could damage the asphalt substrate.

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Star Max-Dri Sealer Additive

STAR MAX-DRI®, Triple Action Additive delivers three benefits in one potent package; fast drying, performance booting and viscosity enhancement. Based on 100% acrylic polymers, fast evaporating chemicals and surfactants, STAR MAX-DRI® improves the overall performance and durability of both Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar based sealcoatings.

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Star Advantage 4 Sealer Additive

STAR ADVANTAGE 4® is a high potency, acrylic emulsion based additive that packs the benefits of several types of products in one; fast drying, performance boosting, color enhancing and viscosity building. STAR ADVANTAGE 4® is based on 100% acrylic polymers that reinforce and enhance the overall performance of sealcoatings. Other significant components in the formulation include fast drying chemicals, color enhancing pigments and adhesion promoting surfactants that deliver a combination of the most desired enhancements in one powerful product. It is recommended for both Refined Tar and Asphalt Emulsion based sealcoatings. Improves the overall performance of sealcoatings.

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