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We carry over 300 products and many are not listed on our website, so if you can’t find a particular product, please call or email us!

Star Sure-Flex Premium Trowel Grade

STAR® SURE-FLEX™ Premium Trowell Grade is a heavy bodied patching and repair product that was specifically designed for repairing excessively cracked asphalt surfaces. STAR® SURE-FLEX™ is a flexible compound formulated with asphalt emulsion, highly resilient rubberizing polymers, reinforcing fibers and select mineral fillers that combine to produce a highly effective mastic type filler with outstanding toughness. STAR® SURE-FLEX™ protects problem areas from further water and other contaminant penetrations with a long lasting, flexible patch. STAR® SURE-FLEX™ is also very effective as a leveling compound for shallow areas, depressions and “bird baths” in the pavement.

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Star SOS Oil Spot Primer

STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ is a latex based coating/primer that adheres to, and seals, oil and grease spots on all types of asphalt pavements. The polymeric matrix and surfactants in STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ create a tough film that bonds aggressively to the contaminated area. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will allow both Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar sealers to bond properly these freshly primed areas. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will eliminate the need for excessive surface preparation that could damage the asphalt substrate.

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Star Macro-Deck Commercial Grade Penetrant & Sealant

STAR MACRO-DECK® protects concrete bridge decks, abutments and other concrete surfaces against salt and damage from chemicals. STAR MACRO-DECK® quickly penetrates concrete surfaces and forms a rubber network in the interstices that form while concrete cures out. STAR MACRO-DECK® stops water, chloride de-icing chemicals, salt, and other damaging elements from entering the concrete surface.

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Star Bright Plus Traffic Marking Paint

Very fast drying (3-4 minutes), 100% acrylic latex traffic paints with excellent brightness, hiding and fade resistance


  • Fast drying. Has been approved by various states.
  • Excellent for night time application.
  • Excellent durability and color retention.
  • Excellent adhesion to glass beads.
  • Non-bleeding performance.
  • Bright highly visible lines with solid hiding power.
  • Low toxicity, Low Volatile Organic Content (V.O.C.) per gallon. Low air pollution.
  • Low flammability
  • Ease in application and clean-up, water – reducible.

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Crafco Parking Lot Sealant

Crafco Parking Lot Sealant

Parking Lot pavements are subject to slow moving vehicle traffic and foot traffic. These areas include but are not limited to: Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Driveways, Collector and Residential Streets, Crosswalks, Walkways and Recreation areas. Due to the nature of these types of pavements, special care should be taken when sealing cracks in these areas because they encounter different types of traffic than highways and high traffic volume roads. Crafco Parking Lot Sealant is specifically formulated for these areas.

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Crafco Silicone Crack Sealant

Crafco Silicone Sealant

Joint sealant is designed to keep moisture out of the pavement sub-base, limit spalls and prevent foreign objects (F.O.D.) from pavement surfaces. Crafco has joint sealant for every use, for every climate and varying life cycles. If properly designed and installed the expected life of this procedure may last 21 years and longer.

Crafco TechCrete is the long-term solution for distressed concrete pavement preservation. Spalled concrete caused by fatigue, freeze/thaw cycles, warping stress, ingress of water, or substrate problems can lead to costly reconstruction.

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Crafco Asphalt Cold Patch

Whether it is repairing utility cuts or patching that reoccurring pothole, HP high performance cold patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. HP is approved as a high performance patching material in most states and other user agencies within the United States. HP is specifically formulated for the wide-ranging temperature and climate of your area. HP is permanent, fully guaranteed against any failure, and most important, does the job right the first time.

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RAE Fast Dry Yellow Traffic Marking Paint

9511 YELLOW F/D LATEX SUPREME TRAFFIC MARKING PAINT is 100% latex acrylic (waterborne), designed for fast drying and quick turn around time. This is the best product to use for night striping and under adverse conditions.

This product has been designed for painting centerlines, edgelines, runway markings, running tracks, medians, parking lots, etc.

Use on concrete, asphalt, and brick. Exterior and Interior. This latex marking paint is considered to be the best product for use over freshly applied sealcoat or asphalt.

Note: Not recommended for “high-traffic” areas like crosswalks or stop bars.

Meets Federal Specification TT-P-1952E type II
Formulated for Brush, Spray, or Roller
Fastest Dry Time for Quick Turn Around.

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